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Not a special day....but a special idea to be posted anytime during the week

I like the idea of "anything remotely floral" rather than "floral friday"....I don't like to locked into a certain day for a certain blip. Often I see a derelict shot on a Saturday or Tuesday........not Monday! And on a Friday I may have my only shot of a rare bird....not a flower. Do you see what I mean? I think anytime we should simply put "derelict" or "floral" or "bird" or "joyous" or "underground" or "looking out" or....?????? whatever themes we are interested in. What do you think?


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it's up to the person sponsoring/hosting the challenge. identify the person for the challenge you are interested in, for instance sarumstoller (i hope i spelled that right) for derelict thursdays and ask him what he thinks of the idea.

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