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Tiny Tuesday Challenge

This challenge was originally conceived by WWombat and is a continuation of her May Macro Mayhem Challenge

Next week (August 18) will be week 12 of TinyTuesday. It is being hosted this month by me, OSuzanna. To enter the TinyTuesday challenge, you simply need to post a macro or close-up image. If you don't have a macro lens, feel free to use a telephoto, extension tubes, macro filter or the macro setting on your camera. The most important thing is to tag it correctly. Use two tags: TinyTuesday and TinyTuesday12 (for week 12). Subsequent weeks should use the tag with the correct week number.

Next week on August 12, we are going to repeat the MysteryMacro theme
See my post for today for more information:
If you decide to post a "mystery macro," please add a third tag: TT12MM


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