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Menu access from comments and notifications

Another little nicety (in my mind) would be if the Android App had the menu bars / menu access from the comments and notifications pages. I know it is pretty minor, but it I feel it would be a nice little addition.

Thank you.


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So the rule on what screens do or don't have the menu is based around whether users should be using screens as navigation or whether they should be going in to the screen then straight out again. EG Editing your profile bio is a screen the user should go into, then either cancel or finish doing. They shouldn't jump out of that screen half way through that task. So no menu.

It may be in the case of the Comments and Notifications screen we got that assessment wrong. I think there was some discussion about those screens having the menu but can't remember the details right now.

Anyway, in general: there are several tasks that the BlipFuture team must pick up urgently. However when these are done we will be returning to the apps and the future path of the apps, and at this stage we will be opening up a discussion with the community and asking for people to get involved.

So when that happens later please do remind us again to look at this issue. And any other comments could be noted here in separate questions now, and we will go over them all later.


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