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Mono Monday

Mono Monday was started by Paladian in January 2014 when each entry was painstakingly added to the host’s Blip through links. She had a lot of support for the idea from the start and over time it has been joined by many others.

Each month a new host takes control of the challenge. Their main role is to set the theme for the week. If they have time to award hearts and stars for their favourites all the better. This is not a requirement of being the host. Each host does it their own way.

Taking part is easy. During Monday take an image and post it as a Mono. Try to keep within the theme of the week but that can be very loose. Getting an ‘out of the box’ link to the theme is often nice to see. Themes can often be seen totally different by everyone.

So that others get a chance of seeing your entry add a tag that has been allocated to that week, example:

Mono Monday 115, MM115, mm115, Mono Monday, etc.

I have kept a list of all the themes and pass this on to new hosts. Repeat themes isn’t a problem.

I’m currently looking for hosts to cover May, June & July. If you’re interested please leave me a message on my Journal. I like to get new blood from different parts of the world. Have a think about it.

April (2016) is being hosted by davidc.


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