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Flower Friday Challenge

Hi everyone - I'm Anni (BikerBear) and I host Flower Friday.
This challenge has been running since December 2014 and we average around a hundred entries each week.

To join in all you have to do is take a photo of a flower on a Friday and tag it with FlowerFriday plus the date of that particular day - so for Friday 8th April the tag would be FlowerFriday8 or FF8, for Friday 15th April the tag would be FlowerFriday15 or FF15.

If you just want to tag FF or FlowerFriday that's okay too (I will find you hopefully) but the number just makes it a little easier for me.

I chose this method of tagging to make it a little easier to remember the tag number if you haven't joined in for a few weeks - it's not always easy to find out the last number used.

The subject is very "loose" - as long as it's flower related - it can be alive or dead, cut or growing, a weed or grass, colour or black and white (or any other combination you like), real or artificial, one flower or thousands (and any number in between), it can be a card, material, pottery, wallpaper or anything flowery or connected to flowers. We've even had flour and and a river (a flow-er!).

I dish out BikerBear Hearts and Honourable Mentions on a Sunday (usually - sometimes I'm a bit behind) - it's not about quality or technical ability - just what catches my eye on the day.

I hope you will join in now and again and that you enjoy the challenge as much as I enjoy looking at all the entries.


~ Anni ~


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