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Abstract Thursday for May 12, 2016

The tag is AT46.
The theme is "Create a Poster From Nothing".

For an example, visit my May 5 blip. I only used the brush tool in PS for this abstract. (And of course, the type tool). The brush tool has many shapes and colors available. The brush tool and the text tool are an option and may be tricky for some with limited resources. Depending on the many programs that we all tinker with, the tools are endless. Get creative with the tools you do have. It might be fun for you to announce "your" event on the poster from your geographic area, not needing to be specific.

Feel free to reply here if you would like incentives, suggestions, but most importantly, questions. The bottom line: ANY theme for Abstract Thursday is optional. Sometimes things come up that are just too good to ignore.
The next theme will be extremely simple :)


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