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Wide Angle Wednesday Challenge

Wide Angle Wednesday Challenge :-

Photo's taken on the day (Wddnesday!) on any wide angle theme BUT preference given to the themes shown below -

1 June (tag 'widwed30') any + theme 'shapes'
8 June (tag 'widwed31) any + theme 'nature'
15 June (tag 'widwed32) any + theme 'numbers'

Just have a go. Best advice is to make your pictures look wide. You can use 16:9 format, a fisheye or just your camera phone as they normally start wide. No excuses!

Not only did the number of entries increase last week but the quality too. I had a real job choosing I can tell you! (results posted last Thursday if you want to have a look). Well done to all those that submitted an entry...have fun!


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