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Improve Comment shortcuts

Whenever I'm writing a comment and want to put something in italics, I automatically use the shortcut Command-I. "ITALICS" HAS BEEN THE MEANING OF COMMAND-I FOR THIRTY YEARS. IT IS THE STANDARD CROSS-PLATFORM INTERFACE. Yet for some reason Blip interprets it to mean I want to send a Mail message! It takes me out of Blipfoto and sends me into Mail, which I never otherwise use (I'm on Gmail), creating a draft which I then have to delete. PLEASE FIX THIS. Command-I for Italics and Command-B for Boldface should be standard everywhere.
[Mac OS X 10.11.6 on MacBook Pro]


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You may find that whatever Internet browser software you're using is the cause of the problem, rather than the Blipfoto website. To test that, I'd suggest going to any other website, and pressing those same key combinations, and see what happens.

If that is the cause, then please add some feedback here to say so, as it may help others that encounter this with that same software.

Best wishes.

PeninsulaLight 1 vote

I reckon it's your browser or some custom shortcut on your Mac. I just tried Cmd-I in a Blipfoto comment box and it italicised the selected text.

Veronica 0 votes

It is not the browser that's the problem. Per Apple Store Genius, when an app (Blipfoto, in this case) runs on a web page, the app has full control of all commands. Safari doesn't even see them. I've had discussions with zendesk about this, but I think it's pretty low on their priority list.

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