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Tiny Tuesday for February 2024

Hello, Tiny Tuesday for the month of February. Firstly though, thanks go to Ilja who was hosting for the first time 👍 Anne (Nicoiseannie) and I (ApolloFly) are going to be joint hosting for February. One of us will star and comment on each of the entries, and we are aiming to check them all by the Thursday of each week and then I will send out another email when we've chosen Hearts and HM's. I will also update the facebook page each week. We've come up with the following themes: 6th Feb #TT454 "something special to you" - which could be jewellery, a keepsake etc 13th Feb #TT455 "a meal ingredient" 20th Feb #TT456 "mystery object found in your home or garden" 27th Feb #TT457 "Spring is in the Air" Of course, all themes are optional, but sometimes it's good to have a focus and challenge you to look around you. Something tiny, or a tiny part of something is fine. Thank you and have fun! Anne and Philippa

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