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Can I add a link to my blog without a problem?

As the title of the question says, I want to ask how to add a link to my blog, or is a link not possible? I read the rules which say a linking is allowed, but it must be taken in context and not spammy. 

So the tules allow it, but I can't see how a link is added... you can add plain text but no link.

The reason I ask is if someone likes my photo/s, they can see many more at my blog.

Any help would be appreciated!


Thank you in advance.


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For new journals the links are disabled for the first few posts.  This deals with journals created purely for commercial and/or advertising purposes.  Blipfoto is for personal, non-commercial use only.

The do's and don'ts of the site are covered in more detail in our Acceptable Use Policy.  We advise everyone to read them to ensure they stay within the rules of the site.  In this respect the policy allows a link to your own website on your profile page, but regular links to other websites from post entries would be indicative of a form of advertising and is not permitted.

The Blipfoto Team


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Thank you very much for your quick reply, I appreciate it.

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