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The sixth WildFlowerWeek challenge began yesterday, on Sunday 3rd May and will end at midnight on Saturday 9th May.  The tag is #WFW20_06  Results will be announced on the following Wednesday.

Despite the restrictions we are currently living under, I am really excited to see what, collectively, we come up with.  Five hearts and five Hon Mentions will be awarded each week (usually on a Wednesday), but much more important than that, don't you think, is the collaborative effort to see how many rare, unusual and different plants we can find to blip on our daily allowed exercise - not to mention re-seeing the beauty in some of the flowers that are so familiar it's easy to overlook their wonderful individuality and which may, in fact, be living in your garden!  While being able to show wildflowers from different parts of the world is simply a joy!

So do give it a go if it interests you.  And I won't be too picky about what is wild and what isn't.  Sometimes they are both, or have only been tweaked slightly by nurserymen (eg snakes head fritillaries, periwinkles, grape hyacinth).  Others are garden escapes that then run wild (eg narcissi and skunk cabbage).  I shall use my judgement and you will use yours.  Broadly, though, if you bought it at the local plant nursery and planted in your garden, it doesn't qualify.  Oh, and for those of you who asked, wildflowers and weeds are one and the same - we only call them weeds if they grow in the wrong place! 


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