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Mono Monday - July

"Black and White" as a phrase is often also used to conceptualise "Good and Evil", we have "the dark side" and we seek "the light" ... 

In the month of July, I'd like for us to try to channel our inner Angels and Daemons and tackle the challenge of vices and virtues !

According to some religious teachings there are seven sins, and seven - corresponding - virtues, these are ( according to Wikipedia at least ! ) :
Vice     Virtue    
Lust     Chastity    
Gluttony     Temperance    
Greed     Charity (or, sometimes, Generosity)    
Sloth     Diligence    
Wrath     Patience    
Envy     Gratitude    


We have 5 ( yes 5 ! ) Mondays in July and the numbers are as follows:
July 2nd - MM232
July 9th - MM233
July 16th - MM234
July 23rd - MM235
July 30th - MM236
The challenge for the month is this - each week take a photo using one ( or more … ) of the Vices or Virtues as your inspiration - it has to be a different one each week … and … you have to do at least one from each list by month end. 
So, you can’t be entirely a sinner or a saint photographically, even if you are in reality !
Buuuut - the plot thickens !
Owing to the fact that I now have two accounts ( a colour one to support my normal one … ) I now have _more_ than 5 hearts to award each week …
So … 
In each week the top three Vices and the top three Virtues will each get a heart ( Vices - from si_b - my normal, evil account, Virtues - from colour_si my colour, good account ), and in week 5, I will be awarding one extra heart to the best Vice and the best Virtue from the month overall …
Remember - lateral thinking is more than permitted, it is encouraged ! So think outside the box and enjoy the challenge …
All results will be collated and announced on my si_b account on the Thursday of each week.

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