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Silly Saturday in memory of Admirer

Thanks so much to everyone who has supported the suggestion of continuing with a monthly version of the Silly Saturday challenge, started by blipper Admirer (Willemien) and brilliantly hosted by her up to her sad and untimely death recently. This will take place on the first Saturday of each month, starting tomorrow (4th July). So please do get your thinking caps on and let's make this a success: I'm sure Willemien would be delighted to know that her challenge is going to continue. Some potential ideas for a new tag have been suggested, but for now at least I think it's probably simplest to continue with the SilS tag - so tomorrow let's use SilS196).

I'll host this week; many thanks to those who've volunteered to host in future months - there was quite a deluge of offers which just shows how popular this challenge was and how we all loved how Willemien used to host it. I'll work out a rota soon and let everyone know.


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