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Announcing the 2020 AOGs!!

It gives me great pleasure to formally announce the return of the Alternative Olympic Games.  Game dates are 1-10 August.

The "rules" are simple - show us some critters (preferably wild creatures, but domestic in a pinch) engaged in some sort of AOG event.  Some of our most popular events in past AOG's have been seed-hoarding, peanut-relays, jumping, synchronized flying, and a host of others.  Just use your imagination and have some fun - that's all we ask.

To keep the tagging as easy as possible...anything you post leading up to the Games can be tagged #aog2020 - use this to show us some of your teams in training, do interviews, etc.  When the Games commence, simply add the day of the month to this tag.  So, the first day (1 August) will be #aog20201, the second will be #aog20202, and so on.  

I am also in need of additional members for the Judging Panel!  The job is simple - just take a peek at all/some of the entries every day and leave a heart or star and comment on the ones you particularly like.  So far, the following blippers have agreed to join the Panel:  Doingok, Legacy, PipersMom and Beckett.  Leave me a note below if you can join, or leave me a message on my journal.

Get on your marks - get set...


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Hello! I wouid be happy to help with peeking at entries if you still need people...:)

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