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Tiny Tuesday for August 2020

I (osuzanna) will be hosting TIny Tuesday for the month of August. I believe I have hosted this challenge every August for the last 5 years so it is a bit of an anniversary for me and this is always a month I look forward to. 

In 2016 I created an Insect Macro Tutorial for folks who were new to insect photography.  If any of you are interested, it can be found here:

(Start with the dragonfly on the right and go to the following 4 days.) 

There are no themes for this month.  Feel free to post a shot taken with a macro lens, the macro setting on a camera (even some phones have them), extension tubes, macro filters, or just a close-up shot.  Every kind of entry is welcome:  something small, a shot showing the details. 

Tag your images

August 4:    TT271

August 11:  TT272

August 18;  TT273

August 25: TT274

I look forward to your entries and will try to post the results on the following Thursday or Friday. 


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