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Tiny Tuesday for September 2020

I am hosting Tiny Tuesdays for September and these are some prompts to get your creativity flowing!
September 1  TT275    Find something tiny -  don't think about finding a certain thing...look around and see what is there!   Open your eyes and be surprised!
September 8  TT276 Stitches --  take photos of stitches on clothes, objects like baseball stitches, quilt stitches and any other thing that might have stitches   This might be a technical challenge.  
September 15 TT277 Rings or Earrings  Let's see what you come up with here!
September 22  TT278  Anything Tiny but let us see what it looks like in black and white
September 29  TT279  Look down on the ground - find something tiny on the ground..a bug, a rock, a leaf or something that you would normally overlook
Have fun!  Be creative!  

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