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Tiny Tuesday October 2020

For some time now I have been planning to join in this challenge, so when there was a post last night with a desperate plea for a host for October, I thought that might just be the nudge I need!

So, thinking cap on last night, and I've had a quick check to see if any of these themes have been used recently. I think not, but please let me know if I am wrong.

As always, if you don't want to follow the theme, just something tiny will do.

I will check the entries and award my hearts as soon as I can after Tuesday. I'm sure I will learn loads from this month and meet lots of blippers I've not come across before.

Tues 6th Oct - something starting with an O - #TT280 (that's an O for October, not a zero)

Tues 13th Oct - something "soft" - #TT281

Tues 20th Oct - something "hard" - #TT282

Tues 27th Oct - something ending with an R - #TT283

Have fun, stay safe. Philippa aka ApolloFly


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