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Silly Saturday Results (October)

Thank you so much for taking part in the recent Silly Saturday challenge in memory of Admirer. My Editor and I have had a really fun time looking through all your wonderful blips. We can see how Admirer enjoyed hosting the challenge so much!

Choosing our Hearts and Honourable Mentions was certainly not easy. However in the end we decided on the following, in no particular order:


A modified version of the Mona Lisa (much improved!!) by Californiagirl1

Really funny faces of some goats: Silly Billies by Bella888

A vertiginous cat: Just Hanging Around by Freuchie

A funny mock-up of a famous old photo by Max Dupain: Sunbakers by SeriousFrolic

A great tit questioning some plastic birds: Oi…Can I Ask You by Marlieske


An unusual way to exercise a feline pet: Girl Walks Cat by Trisharooni

A watch with a weird calendar: 33 September by Brigadier_Blip

A novel take on Personal Protective Equipment?: Ready for Anything by Tigger101

Musings on learning to readings: First Infant Primer – early 1890s by PicturePoems

Poached eggs the modern way: Silly Eggs – or maybe not so silly by Dollydoug

The next Silly Saturday will be on 7th November, hosted by Carol Dunham


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