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Mono Monday Themes for NOVEMBER 2020

We have a selection of volunteer hosts for November with the overall theme Shape & Form in the Landscape.   

The only restriction is that the images should be outdoors but the landscapes can be Street, Industrial, City, Country, Coastal, Mountains etc, even your garden or views from your garden, so masses of opportunity. Try to add in the extra challenge of aiming for a variety of landscapes over the month - as far as moving around allows!

2nd Nov -Shape & Form in the LandscapeCurves and Circles  MM354
Host: KangaZu
Inspirational photographer: Verity Milligan, 
9th Nov -Shape & Form in the LandscapeLeading Lines  MM355
Host: Majoayee
Inspirational photographer: Charlie Waite
16th Nov - Shape & Form in the LandscapeOpenings  MM356
 - eg gates, doors, burrows, stiles, tunnels
Host: Pinkhairedlady
Inspirational photographer: Nico Goodden
23rd Nov -Shape & Form in the LandscapeWater  MM357
 - eg canals, rivers, streams, puddles, floods, rain, snow, mist
Host: random_angel
Inspirational photographer: Guy Tal
30th Nov - Shape & Form in the LandscapeLight  MM358
 - use patterns, textures, and shapes in the landscape to show the effect of light (sun, moon, street, flash etc)
Host: GadgetKid
Inspirational photographer: Valda Bailey,  

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