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After over 1000 blips I have at last discovered wha the "large" option is actually all about. I assumed that it just showed are larger display of the image in the blip. I now realise that it shows a larger file size, and it displays that larger file so that you see all of it without scrolling: so the image is shown in more glory than in the basic, more compressed, resized (often physically "larger") blip. I wish I'd known that before! I'd often felt that my blips did not look as good on screen as I expected!

Some questions:

1. why did I not know this before? Did I miss something? Shouldn't we be told?

2. it would be great to have the option of going straight to the "large" view of any image when selected in the thumbnails window - it would save time and clicks - and then I would have the option of going "back" to the less well-displayed image with title/blog/comments if I wanted to. My main interest in Blipfoto is the photos themselves, rather than the blogs - I realise that many users have different priorities.

This is not a heavy criticism, just expressing my surprise! Blipfoto is still wonderful!




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I was aware, probably because my "mentor" told me.
I fully agree with you. It should be possible to default to the large version. If your internet connection is fast enough 20MB won't hurt much. We have a 50Mpbs line, so such a picture takes (20:50*8=) 3.2 seconds. Would mean some waiting. But many blips are not so big.

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