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Does reporting an image for not being taken on the day actually work? I have reported some in the past and noticed nothing happened. Yesterday I reported one and its still there. 


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I think we have a number of people who don't understand about that rule. Maybe they didn't read carefully when they signed up, or maybe they were overwhelmed with learning a new site and never figured out what that means. I can't remember who I've seen doing this, but I am guessing that it isn't a willful violation of Blip principles. I'm also guessing that the moderators (who are volunteers, not like in the early days when they were paid for their work) are overwhelmed these days. I would think that going onto the mistakenly posted blip and kindly explaining the rule, and why you care about the rule, would be helpful. I would assume the best: that they are not intentionally cheating; they just don't get it. 

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