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Mono Mondays for January 2021

Mono Monday January 2021 Themes

Hallo blippers!

I will be hosting the Mono Monday challenge for the month of January. First time ever. Love mono and love a challenge. Hope you enjoy the ones I have set. It's a little bit different and if my instructions aren't clear just let me know!

I love the idea of communicating with images alone. What I'm going to do is give you a link to one of my blips from years ago (I asked my daughter to choose them) and ask you to respond to any element of that image. This could be the subject, a shape, texture, composition, even a colour (used in a mono way). Anything goes. And it's up to you whether you choose to write about how/why you've decided to reply with your image.

Really looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

Monday, Jan 4th #MM363 Response to
Monday, Jan 11th #MM364 Response to
Monday, Jan 18th #MM365 Response to
Monday, Jan 25 #MM366 Response to


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This sounds interesting Picuremull! I won't look at any of the links in advance, so you get genuine fresh reactions on the day. 

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This was so much fun! Thank you! 

Do you need any hosting doing for Mono Mondays atm? I am happy to do it......

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