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Wide Wednesday - themes/tags

A challenge for blippers to use a wide lens, or stitch photo's or even crop to make it look wide, to make a nice wide view of the following themes........taken on the Wednesday!
If you can't manage the theme but you have a taken a lovely wide photo then tag your entry for us to see.
The idea is to associate Wednesday with Wide and have fun!  

Results usually posted on the Thursday on the journal of the host blipper.

The chosen top 10 awarded Hearts asap!
Date                                    Tag                         Subject                 Host


Wed  August

    1                    widwed010818                        life             BobsBlips

    8                    widwed080818                     calm            BobsBlips

  15                   widwed150818                     emotion      BobsBlips


If you fancy a week at hosting please message me and we'll sort it!


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