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March Silly Saturday Results

It's about time but I've finally been able to make all my picks for last week's Silly Saturday.  I haven't been in the right frame of mind all this week so my apologies for the delay.  I've chosen five favorites and five honorable mentions.  They are as follows in no particular order:

Hearts went to:
Pipersmom ~ you know I can't resist a good squirrel blip! (heart appropriately awarded through my SquirrelsEtc journal!)
Pisky29 ~ Love his impish smile!
KF ~ Silly sign!
Freuchie ~ The dog doesn't look impressed ... but I was!
Honeycombebeach ~ Happy Anniversary!

Honorable Mentions awarded to:
Rosemarie55 ~ Dogs being silly.
WildBeeSea ~ Who doesn't strive to have the best buns!?!
Energia ~ Love this silly yard "art"!
madwill ~ I wonder if this includes photographic shooting?
welshmaid50 ~ This is more sweet than silly but I loved it.

Thank you to all that participated in March's Silly Saturday.  April's Silly Saturday will be held on April 3 and I believe the host is Pipersmom ... but don't hold me to that! 


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