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Just a reminder that WildflowerWeek is underway.  The first week's entries are closed and results will be posted tomorrow.  Meanwhile we are now on week 2, so for all entries between Sunday 4th April and midnight Saturday 10th April please tag as WildflowerWeek21_02. And do let me know if you need any further info

A reminder:

The idea is to have fun and perhaps increase our collective knowledge of those funny little flowers we so often overlook ;).  You don't have to know what the flower you've blipped is called, other blippers can usually help with identification if you want to know.  And you don't need to worry whether you're looking at a 'wildflower' or a 'weed'.  Although gardeners may make a distinction, in fact there isn't one - they are all wildflowers.

I'm already excited to see what we'll all come up with ;))


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