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Tiny Tuesday 311 Results

A fantastic array of entries this week: 


Harebrain - amongst many adorable cygnets her's stood out for its sheer fluffiness and for the reflections in the water, and there's a bit of a tense story behind it

Ingeborg: again the ladybirds are coming out and there were some beauties but there's something about the sharpness of the red and the softness of the blue I liked here

SK for her good luck phallus, I'm not sure we've had one of those before on Blip and it's a beauty

Incredibish for the sheer wonder of centipedes

stevvi for gasp inducing details on a creature that can be hard to love

Honourable mentions

Craftylady's koala brooch, gorgeous colours

Suejay's technicolour spider

RedRach for gruesome yet oddly compelling goings on

davidc for another slightly shiver inducing but brilliant image

Linxpix for some astonishingly colourful spiderlings

Andrew44 for some beautiful details on a shield bug

TMLHereAndThere - for actually throwing  out rat brought in by the cats then going back to retrieve it when she found out what the challenge was!


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