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Mono Monday June 2021

Many thanks to Laurie54 for hosting an interesting and challenging set of Mono Monday challenges for May. We have certainly enjoyed a variety of images inspired by wide open themes. The silent letter theme was very well received from what I see. Well done Laurie, we look forward to more in July.


Majoayee and I will be hosting Mono Monday for June


These are the tags and themes:  


Host random_angel:             June 7 – MM385 – Ready…

Host Majoayee:                     June 14 – MM386 – Steady…..

Host random_angel:              June 21 - MM387 – Go!

 Host Majoayee:                    June 28 – MM388 – Take off!  


Please feel free to interpret as you wish! We look forward to seeing your excellence in action once more! Enjoy! 😊

M and RA!!


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