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Mono Monday results June 7th 2021 MM385 "Ready"

Thank you for all of the brilliant interpretations of “Ready” in our “Ready, Steady, Go, Take off” series as created by Majoayee for which many thanks.

Entries ranged from the everyday to the unique and from textures through light and shade to dark monos.

It is always tricky to choose my favourites as it is subjective but, here are the entries that delighted me the most: Cassnett’s umbrellas Cor61’s Ready for the girls Inverculain’s mystery beach readiness nonpcplod’s Barley, (nearly) ready (to be delivered when I restock hearts!) Nicoiseannie’s Getting “Ready” for Agility (to be delivered tomorrow)

Next week the theme is "Steady" and your host will be Majoayee, we look forward to seeing what you create. Have a good week :)




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