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Mono Monday Hosts Needed

I'm still co-ordinating Mono Monday  and I need hosts for the challenge from June onwards. It's great fun and I'm very happy to have old hands or new hosts. Thanks :-)

June - laurie54

July - Carolina

August - 60plus

Sept ?


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I would be interested in July or Sept.   I haven't ever done this before!!!!

Carolina 1 vote
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Thanks for offering to host.

It's fairly simple you need to come up with 4 or 5 themes depending how many Mondays there are in July. I try my themes out to make sure they are easy to photograph because although they might sound like a great idea they might be too abstract to photograph. When you're happy with them you can either release all of them on your journal and on here in the forum ahead of July so people can be organised or you could just mention each one a week before. You also need to mention the MM each week too.

There will be about 6 pages of entries to look for to award your five hearts and honourable mentions if you also want to give them out. Some blippers give out hearts all week but I just stick to the five. then you post your results on your journal and on here.

Hope this helps and have fun.



Nickimags888 0 votes
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