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Tiny Tuesday, September 2021

I will be hosting Tiny Tuesday through September and the first week of October 2021. There won't be any additional themes during my 5 week stint - Tiny Tuesday grew out of WalkingWombat's original #MayMacroMayhem event in 2015, when the brief was simply to post a macro image each day and tag it accordingly, and being old school I still like to keep this challenge as open as possible. So please just take a close-up photo of a small thing - with any lens that will do the job - and I will hand out hearts  and mentions each week to the ones I like the most. The tags that will let me find your entries are:

7 September - TT328
14 September - TT329
21 September - TT330
28 September - TT331
5 October - TT332.

I look forward to seeing your entries!

Jill Orme (JDO)


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