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MM themes Dec 2021

‘Twas the start of December and Mondays were near, The blippers were ready and full of good cheer.

The themes were all listed according to date, And the host warned all to not post too late.

Think out of the box, she said with a grin, Get your ideas flowing so you can begin.

Do your best and when all is done, Remember the point is to have lots of fun.

06 Dec MM411 Rhymes with PIE

13 Dec MM412 Festive

20 Dec MM413 Rhymes with BLESS

27 Dec MM414 Around the house

A great resource to find rhymes is at the RhythmZone website or app. Btw, remember that I generally don’t comment on every entry but if you haven’t received a star by Wednesday please bring it to my attention. Cheers, Laurie

*Maybe the third time will be the charm. Please read my comment on my blip of 01 December


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