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Mono Monday January 2022

With the end of the year fast approaching I thought it was time to finalise my choice of themes for Mono Monday in January.

2022 - how quickly has the last year gone? For many of course the year has been like treading water, getting on with life as best we can under the "covid" circumstances. Lets hope 2022 has some good forward strides.

As always, if you want to join in with Mono Monday, but can't find, or don't like my suggested theme, then go with whatever makes you happy. I will still look at all the MM entries and usually just chose journal entries that appeal, or where I really like the photo / composition.

So, to close 2021, I thought we'd have the first theme as:

Monday 3rd Jan. The Best of Last Year - MM415 - My thoughts for this theme is to look back through last year, find an entry you particularly like (colour or mono) and then re-create it, with a slight (or complete) difference to the original. I shall be looking forward to reading the narrative behind the choice for this one. Include a link to the original if you want / can.

Monday 10th Jan. Fact or Fiction - MM416 - Try and find something that will surprise us all! A good made-up story you've heard, or something you know to be a fact.

Monday 17th Jan. Things in Three's - MM417 - It is said that "things in threes are inherently more satisfying and effective" Do you agree?

Monday 24th Jan. - Still Life - MM418 - I always think that capturing a great still life picture is as much about composition and what the subject is, as it is about how the light makes or breaks the shot, especially in mono of course.

Monday 31st Jan. Time Capsule - MM419 - What would you put in a time capsule today that will be interesting to people in 20 years time? Or look at it another way - what do you think the first blippers in 2004 would have put in, nearly 20 years ago? Or when Kodak started selling cameras in 1888?   Enough scope there I think for something interesting.

As always, you can make your chosen photo for the day fit the theme with some creative writing if you wish. But I hope these themes will give you enough food for thought, but not make your brain ache too much.

Thank you in advance for taking part.

ApolloFly aka Philippa Finlay.


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