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Flower Friday 2022

Well, it's the last day of 2021 and the seven years (yep, seven!) of FlowerFridays  .........  thank you for the thousands of beautiful images posted over that time and for your support through some of the rough times I've had.

I'm happy to announce that the challenge will continue in 2022.   The tags will continue in the same format and January will look like this:

7 Jan  -  flowerfriday7_2022;  flowerfriday07_2022;  ff7_2022;  ff07_2022;  ( or flowerfriday7;  flowerfriday07;  ff7;  ff07; flowerfriday;  ff)

14 Jan  -  flowerfriday14_2022;  flowerfriday14_2022;  ff14_2022;  ff14_2022;  ( or flowerfriday14;  flowerfriday14;  ff14;  ff14; flowerfriday;  ff)

21 Jan  -  flowerfriday21_2022;  flowerfriday21_2022;  ff21_2022;  ff21_2022;  ( or flowerfriday21;  flowerfriday21;  ff21;  ff21; flowerfriday;  ff)

28 Jan  -  flowerfriday28_2022;  flowerfriday28_2022;  ff28_2022;  ff028_2022;  ( or flowerfriday28;  flowerfriday28;  ff28;  ff28; flowerfriday;  ff)

Being honest, the ones with 2022 on the end make it a little easier for me but I will find you whichever you use ............ there are no themes, just flowers of some kind or other (or whatever is flowery that you can capture!!).   It's a loose challenge and, hopefully, fun too.

Happy New Year to you all  -  stay safe and well.

~ Anni ~   aka BikerBear.


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