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Mono Monday results 3rd January 2022

Shall I start with next weeks theme as a reminder - 

Monday 10th Jan. Fact or Fiction - MM416 - Try and find something that will surprise us all! A good made-up story you've heard, or something you know to be a fact.

Now to my selection from 3rd Jan. I've looked at all the entries now I hope, took me longer than anticipated but everyone should have a star or comment or both. And on the originals if you posted a link. Good job we are not limited on stars.

All the entries are great to be honest, but my five hearts today go to:

pkln  I love the difference between then and now;

DawnP because I remember the arched window too;

SeriousFrolic it just made me smile thinking about fearless kids;

davidc because as everyone knows, blipfoto is a family affair;

WeeDragon lots of effort to get this entry.

Other blips that caught my eye and worth a look:




Movable Parts 

See you all next week.


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