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Silly Saturday for 1st January - Results

Now - at last - sorry it's so late! The results of January's Silly Saturday, as always in memory of Willemein (admirer). I noted that the uptake of this challenge was lower than usual (surely no blipper would be hung over on 1st January - or would they?!). Some even waited until 8th January to post their blip, but as it's New Year I've accepted those too.

Anyway, after lots of chuckles (and with the help of my trusty Editor) we came up with some choices for Hearts and Honorary Mentions (very tricky as always - they could all deserve a heart!) - I'm sure Willemein would have had a good laugh too.

The results are here with links to each one, but here's a list anyway:

Hearts (in no particular order):
Ingeborg – with her silly toys having overdone the celebrating after their afterparty
SquirrelsEtc – with a squirrel’s beady eyes viewing 2022 through a fun pair of specs
AMK49 – where Abigail is demonstrating the most amazing hair spray
Vectansian  – who did a real “bum shot” of a mushroom
Marlieske – with some amazing googly-eyed doughballs staring her in the face

Honorary Mentions (I was going to do 5 but ended up with 6 as we struggled to choose):
LesTension – at a very snowy Autocross where the course had been plowed (ploughed if you use British English!) to make it extra icy – how silly!
Pisky29 – with “Hope Sprouts Eternal”
Linxpix – HORSE chestnuts!
Craftylady – showing her rather confused Santa Owl
Carolina – a celebration of the New Year in the snow…?!!
PicturePoems – Whooshing into the New Year

The next hosted Silly Saturday will be on the first Saturday in February (5th) but of course we can always do silly blips if we wish any Saturday :-))


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