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Mono Monday results 24th January 2022

First I must apologise. I usually check the tagged number posts first, as in MM418. Then I usually just check for the "monomonday" tag and work my way back through the dates.

I didn't do the extra check last week, and think I may have missed a few entries. Sorry. I know we are a friendly non-judgemental bunch here but I do like to think I have looked at and commented on all the entries for the challenge. I must try harder!

So to the hearts and honourable mentions for this week "still life".

In no particular order.....







I also want to give an honourable mention to ALL the other entries, and with well over 100 of them again this week, I will just link to the MM418 tag where you can pick your own to look at 

One more Monday to go in January. Monday 31st Jan. Time Capsule - MM419 - What would you put in a time capsule today that will be interesting to people in 20 years time? Or look at it another way - what do you think the first blippers in 2004 would have put in, nearly 20 years ago? Or when Kodak started selling cameras in 1888?

I was not sure about this theme, but stuck to my decision and included it, so see how you get on. And stay safe wherever you are in the world. Philippa/ApolloFly


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Hello - I’m a bit confused. Do photos submitted have to follow the Time Capsule theme as some I am seeing contain things that would not go into a typical time capsule. Secondly, will photos be judged based on the theme or just on any monochrome photo. 

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Thanks for asking iPhone_user. Any of the challenges during the week monomonday, Tiny Tuesday, flower Friday etc are completely up to you how you interpret them. As January host I have been judging both on the actual photo used and the write up in the journal. Yes indeed some of them would not actually fit in what we think of as a time capsule, but that's not to say a photo of a lush green tree for instance shouldn't be included, rather than the tree itself if you see what I mean. And any photo with the MM419 tag or monomonday tag will be included. It's an optional theme. The mono bit is the main part of the challenge 🙂

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