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Mono Monday host update (as of 18 April 2022)

2022 MM HOSTS January ApolloFly. (England)

February jensphotos (Australia)

March Kanga Zu (US)

April Carolina (US)

May FrankS (60plus filling in 1st week) (UK)

June pinkhairedlady (Scotland/UK)

July laurie54 (US) ???

August Mole (US)


October AndrewNZ & V1k1 (NZ)

November Heanku (Sweden)

December Carolina (US)

Thanks to all of the amazing mono Monday 2022 host volunteers. As you can see, there are several blippers taking on hosting duties for the first time! At this moment, I’m looking for a host for September. I’d give up my slot in July to accommodate anyone who has an excuse to avoid winter weather…Australia…New Zealand…Antarctic…or those hot, oppressively humid days…Germany…Florida…Michigan… almost anywhere. This time last year the challenge was in danger of coming to an end due to the lack of hosts! My hope is that more new people will volunteer so that this fantastic challenge will continue into the future for many years to come, bringing with it a new generation of hosts with their creative new ideas. Thanks to all.

I enjoy being the coördinator. My email is on my profile page. Feel free to reach out with questions or for information on volunteering to be a host. (or just to say hi!)

Happy Spring/Autumn ~Laurie (laurie54)

PS It isn’t too early to think about 2023! :-)


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