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Silly Saturday Results from August 6th 2022

Apologies again for my delay in awarding Hearts and HMs for the Silly Saturday challenge on 6th August – “circumstances beyond my control” decided to intervene.

Anyway my Editor and I have just had fun chuckling at all the super entries – just as Admirer used to do. As usual we had trouble deciding which to give Hearts and HMs to. But here’s our choices in no particular order:


Madwill - showing his makeshift protection from the death rays emanating from a death tower!

JohnW – desperate measures were required to get his dose of Famous Grouse

JoseeSouren1958 – a fab line up of weird iron birds

Dollydoug – an eye-boggling optical illusion, “Old Couple or Musicians?”

Tookie – that guy was certainly fully hydrated!

Honourable Mentions:

Rmeinz – mellow yellow shenanigans

MovableParts – a collection of scarily weird Terminators

Linxpix – a gigglingly silly bunch of Alice characters in Wonderland

Fitzbilly – a silly group getting near their sell-by date

MumOf4Wildings – her “Jedi” celebrating Christmas in August, with a singing penguin


The next “formal” hosted Silly Saturday will be on the first Saturday of next month (September 3rd).


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